We all are encountered by a question what do we leave behind for next generation. We believe TREES are the best gift we can present to upcoming generation. As we know nowadays global warming has risen due to greenhouse effect this is severely affecting our vegetation, wildlife, stratosphere and our health. People are suffering from diseases like cancer and other respiratory ailments due to lack of oxygen and fresh air. All this is due to less number of trees and forest in our surroundings. All the beautiful natural forests have now converted into the concrete grasslands. We are exploiting our mother nature. To Rectify all this afforestation should be done by each individual. As reversing deforestation is complicated but planting trees is simple. It is well said by Lucy Larcom “one who plants trees plants a hope”. We the team of super 7 have taken a small yet great initiative to plant hope in form of sapling and gift it to upcoming generation in form of fruit. To participate in 'Plantation campaign' you will just have to-

  • Plant a tree. Any type of plant can be grown. in a field or in a pot.

  • Click a picture with the plant

  • Upload on Instagram and tag SUPER 7 (@esuper7.in)

  • Win a free entry in our contests or get our E-books for free!


This beautiful small act done will have great impact on nature and we aim to gather such benevolence and present it on our platform. Lets join our hands together to heal the mother nature and make it a better place to reside for all species.