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We are the highest rated Online Contest Organiser on Google and  We have published Top poems of our last Poetry Contest in books on Amazon. Read the guidelines given below carefully before registering for the contest.

Languages    Hindi & English. (Hinglish is not allowed.)

Theme   Open


1. National Level Participation Certificate will be provided to all participants.

2. Top 10 Poems of the contest will be published in Books on Amazon.

3. Poems must be written by one person. Co-authored poem is not accepted.

4. SUPER 7(We) reserves the right to disqualify any entry deemed to be in breach of our Terms and Conditions.


5. Poem must be original and unpublished by any other organizer. Only original work that has not been published (at the time of submission) in print, digital or online publications will be considered. Self-published work in blogs, on social media, etc. will be considered. The poem should have minimum 20 words to maximum 250 words.

6. The contest is open to all, professional, amateur and gender as long as you are an Indian.

7. Participants can submit poems on any topic after paying entry fee.

8. Only Shortlisted poems will be published on our Instagram and Facebook handles.

9. If you have questions, please contact us on Instagram.

Entry Fee       ₹100 only. (Check Offer here.)


Entries must be received by 20 Aug, 2021 (23:59 IST).

* Since the online registration page is expected to experience high traffic towards the Aug 20 deadline, we suggest that you submit your Poem as early as possible.

Result and Certificates

Till 30 Aug 2021. This contest has no role of likes and comments.​


The following awards will be given separately to Hindi and English categories:
Prize for the Winner  : Framed Certificate, prize of ₹2000 and paid promotion.

Prize for Runner Up  : Framed Certificate, prize of ₹1000 and paid promotion.

Honorable Mention : E-Certificates for all participants. Selected poems will be published on our website, Facebook and Instagram Handle.
* Certificate of TOP 50 Poets of India by SUPER7 to 50 participants with best poems separately for Hindi and English categories.