Result of Poetry Competition

Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls. We are honoured to announce the result of our Poetry Competition and are grateful for this opportunity to congratulate the winners and all those who have taken part in our online contest. Many of you have strived to do your best in order to be one of the winners and I believe that represents the true spirit of our country's young generation.

Although we all know that taking part is a key element in any competition but winning is what makes us push ourselves and achieve our full potential. I am very impressed with the achievements of everyone here today, but I am especially in awe of those of you whose efforts will be rewarded today.

Criteria for evaluation

  • Impact : what one feels when one first read the poem. Does thepoem evoke an emotion from the viewer?

  • Creativity : how the Entrant was able to convey his idea, message or thought in an original and imaginative way through his words.

  • Style : how the Entrant is able to showcase their personal originality and technique to influence how the poem is presented and interpreted.


NOTE : (There was no role of Likes and Comments)

Jury's decision will be the last and final decision. We will not answer anyone about why their entry was not selected.

जिस्म बेचा, जज्बात नहीं;
जिंदा हूं, पर आज़ाद नहीं।
वो कमाए पैसा तो पैसा हो गया, हम कमाने निकले तो तमाशा हो गया।
जो रात की चांदनी में इश्क हमपर लुटाते हैं,
सुबह की आफताब में वही आग उगल जाते हैं।
हां बेचा हमने जिस्म, हालात कुछ ऐसे थे,
खरीदा तो तुमने ही, तुम्हारे जज़्बात कैसे थे?
जो बचपन में हमें बेच दिया,
यूं दलदल में हमें फेक दिया।
फिर लांछन हमपर लगाते हो,
और खुद को मर्द बताते हो!!
ये कैसी अप्रम माया है,
जीते जी नर्ख दिखाया है।
जिस्म हैं, पर जान नहीं,
सूरत भी हैं, पर पहचान नहीं। एक वो जो धोखा दे कर हमबिस्तर होने आते रहे,
एक हम जो अपना काम करने पर भी चरित्रहीन कहलाते रहे |
याद रखना! जिस दिन जिस्म से परे झूठ नंगा हो जाएगा,
उस दिन राह चलता हर एक मर्द चरित्रहीन कहलाएगा।।


Shilpi Rani

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He was feasting on me with look of starvation in his eyes. And I couldn't gather my pride.....

Permission isn't necessary,My mother told me twice. He is your husband, Respect him, Again she suppressed my voice.....

And suddenly,

The definition of marriage changed in my mind He loved me just to tear me apart,

Only in night he was kind.

For him, my body is merely a resting place Where he satisfies his manhood and then shows disgrace!

My NO never bothered him,

He never took my concern

He expresses his love by making my body burn.

And then my ashes narrate the story of every marriage's need.

How auspicious red colour is! Every night in that colour I bleed...

Runner Up

Divyanshi Shukla

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