MOST innovative School during lockdown


Covid-19 situation has adversely affected many fields. Education is one among them.  It has been a tough challenge to the teachers to keep the curriculum going in spite of the situation. Online education has been an obvious option. However, it should be noted that this is a new concept to many. Hitherto, the teachers had taught in physical classrooms and now, learning this new technology has been a challenge to them. Nevertheless, the schools came up with many innovative techniques to make the learning process engaging and interesting to the students.

Our next contest aims to applaud such innovative solutions of the schools. Schools from all over the nation can participate in this competition.


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Event           Most Innovative School during Covid-19

Entry Fee       ₹ 54 only.


1. There will be two rounds of the contest. Only the schools selected in the first round will be eligible for the final round.

2. Link for the first round is given below:


This link will remain active till ‘date & time’ . Fill in the required details and answer the questions correctly. Once submitted you will not be able to modify or change the information.


3. Based on your answers, your school will be selected for the final round.

4. The results of the first round will be declared on ‘date’.

5.If selected, you will receive the link for final round in the email address provided by you in the first round. The link will remain active till __.

Note: You will be able to record your response only once.

6.You will be asked to answer a few questions on the link and based on your answers Top __ schools will be selected for the award.

7.SUPER 7 reserves the right to disqualify any entry deemed to be in breach of the our Terms and Conditions.


8.If you have questions, please contact us on WhatsApp.


Round 1:

Round 2:


The following awards will be given:
Prize for the Winner  : E-Certificate and prize of ₹3000 or 1 TB Hard Disk

Prize for Runner Up   : E-Certificate and prize of ₹1500 or Camera Beg

Honorable Mention: E-Certificates for all participants. Selected Photographs will be published on our website, Facebook and Instagram Handle.

* Additional awards (Recognition for Effort, Best School Award, School Incentive Award) will be given
if applicable.
* All prize winners will be announced on this website and our Facebook page and Instagram Handle. Certificates and gifts will be mailed to the winners till December 2020.